LEVEL01 | For a long time, financial trading has been a proverbial minefield for investors. From multiple intermediaries to cumbersome fund withdrawals and wallet security concerns, investing in the financial markets can be a largely inefficient process.

An inventor with a decade of experience in UI/UX technologies and hard/software product design, Jonathan Loi, knew that the user experience was severely lacking on conventional exchanges. He envisioned an investors’ world where he could remove these challenges present and allow investors to fully focus on trading activities.

Jonathan Loi, CEO and founder of Level01

Jonathan Loi, CEO and Founder of Level01

Jonathan Loi, CEO and Founder of Level01

Jonathan then founded Level01, setting out to fix the problems in the current system at a fundamental level by leveraging and applying his skill sets in the blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech industry. Knowing that great strides have been made in blockchain technology, he saw that a revolution was possible in the exchange markets.

He kept looking for ways to truly decentralize the trading environment — to make it more transparent, efficient and fair — and when he knew what needed to be done, assembled a team who could execute it.

He saw that Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) like blockchain could facilitate automated trade settlement, to potentially provide an efficient and level trading field for both retail and commercial investors.

Level01 is a proprietary system that was designed to leverage blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts technology for automation and transparency in market data, trade contract intent and matching, transactional history, and trade profit settlement.

derivatives exchange and trading platformIt is a derivatives exchange and trading platform where users can trade options contracts in forex, stocks, commodities and cryptocurrencies directly with one another on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis, without a need for an intermediary broker. With Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics, the platform facilitates efficient functioning of a market and price discovery through proprietary developed intelligent algorithms that dynamically improve over time through machine learning. This helps retail users with trade matching, efficient price discovery and fair value analytics when conducting their trades.

The Level01 platform will utilize its own ERC-20 tokens, LVX, on the Ethereum blockchain as a medium of value exchange within its financial ecosystem. Token sale details will be announced in due time.

Prior to this, Jonathan has also successfully grown Australian company AdvanceTC Limited, from a startup to a public offering, and is confident that with his leadership and vision for Level01, it is more than possible to grow the company to a level where it can effect real change.

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