LVX is the ticker for the token powering the Level01 platform, a peer-to-peer (P2P) derivatives exchange that allows investors to trade options contracts directly with one another.

In a P2P transaction, the way to ensure fairness is for both parties to present their value simultaneously during an exchange. This is to prevent one party from defrauding the other. The only way to achieve this in the age of the Internet and digital systems is via an escrow or intermediary, which acts a third party liaison. Examples of the largest online 3rd party retail intermediaries are Alibaba and Amazon.

On the Level01 platform, the LVX token functions in conjunction with smart contracts and serves as a common medium of exchange that can be programmed via algorithms to automatically credit profits to a trader. The LVX token’s utility is that it serves as a recognized store of value by the system to create trading (option) contracts. A counter party is required to pay the required amount of LVX to match with a desired contract thus sealing the deal.

The LVX token can be thought of as a voucher in a virtual mall, and is not intended to be traded as monetary goods or carry any value. It is meant for utility on the Level01 platform, where it creates a product (trading contract) for platform users, or any other role specific function on the platform. The token’s primary purpose is to facilitate transparent and automated transactions without any intermediary, empowering investors to trade without fear of fraud or recourse.

Level01 combines Distributed Ledger (DLT) Technology automated trade settlement on the blockchain, with Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics that provides fair value pricing dynamically to counter parties in a trade, based on current & retrospective market data. Level01 is designed to provide the most fair, efficient, even-level trading field for both retail & commercial investors.


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