Level01, the ultimate fair blockchain-based peer-to-peer derivatives exchange platform, is pleased to announce that Itai Damti, CEO of Antifragile, is joining its board of advisors.

As the CEO of Hong Kong-based fintech consulting firm Antifragile, and the co-founder and ex-CEO of Leverate — an industry leader in technologies for online brokers — Itai Damti brings a wealth of expertise in developing innovative fintech products and delivering the best user experience. Itai will play an advisory role to Level01’s by guiding the derivatives exchanges’ financial instruments and product portfolios.

“With his visionary leadership in pioneering fintech solutions, Itai Damti has years of experience cultivating a premier trading experience,” said Level01 CEO Jonathan Loi. “We are confident that with his insight, Level01 will become the company it needs to be to allow investors to cultivate their best trading opportunities.”

Itai keeps himself up-to-date with industry developments as a self-proclaimed lifelong learner, with a keen interest in cryptocurrency, blockchain, and “everything tech”. Before starting Leverate, Itai graduated with excellence from Basmach — the IDF’s Academy for Computer Science and Cyber Defense.

Level01 is a proprietary system that was designed to leverage blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts technology for automation and transparency in market data, trade contract intent and matching, transactional history, and trade profit settlement.

“The mistake that most people make now is viewing blockchain as a disrupter, rather than a new foundation,” said Itai. “Level01 has not made that mistake and hopes to utilize blockchain to make the financial markets a better place for investors. I look forward to helping them get there every step of the way.”


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