Level01, the ultimate fair blockchain-based peer-to-peer derivatives exchange platform, is pleased to announce that Michael Go, Thomson Reuters’ Asia-Pacific Head of Market Development Trading, is joining its board of advisors.

Michael will advise Level01 on the way to build their vision of a brand-new trading environment, imparting his wealth of expertise by tapping onto his years of his experience in the financial markets and business development.

“For Level01 to push boundaries and see further beyond, it needs to leverage on this experience,” said Level01 CEO Jonathan Loi. “With Michael Go’s long-amassed wisdom of the financial sector’s evolution over the decades, the opportunity is at our door.”

As the Asia-Pacific Head of Market Development Trading for Thomson Reuters, and holding 21 years of experience in advisory, senior, and executive roles in numerous international firms in London, Australia and Asia, Michael Go brings decades of knowledge in broad layers of expertise. He will advise Level01 on driving their growth, efficiency, and how to optimize their performance throughout the market and business cycles.

As a driver of innovation, Michael sees Level01’s goal to make the trading environment more transparent, fair, and secure for investors as an exciting and visionary new opportunity in human-centered financial technology.

Level01 is a proprietary platform that was designed to combine blockchain technology, smart contracts and AI for automation and transparency in market data, trade contract intent and matching, transactional history, and trade profit settlement.

“Anyone who has spent as much time watching the financial markets can tell you that they move in cycles, but always in a new direction,” said Michael Go. “Level01 has seen that direction, and is paving the way forward.”


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