Level01, a blockchain-based peer-to-peer derivatives exchange platform, is pleased to welcome the newest member of their team Evgeni Pirianov, co-founder of CVerification, as resident Blockchain Consultant Developer.

With his experience creating frameworks for new technologies based on existing ones, and developing on those frameworks, Evgeni Pirianov will work with Level01 on how to best implement and utilize blockchain on their platform.

“I’ve always been interested in not just moving towards, but building the future, especially if it changes the world for the better,” said Evgeni Pirianov. “I look forward to building with Level01.”

The co-founder and CIO of a personal project CVerification, a blockchain-based recruitment and background verification platform that helps employers make informed recruitment decisions and identify the best-qualified candidates, Evgeni is personally invested in using blockchain to better the world in ways previously unthought of, and will therefore be in a good position to work with Level01 on how to move forward with their visionary ambitions.

Before starting CVerification, Evgeni was a Financial Engineering Developer in d-fine GmbH. His experience with them includes working on a FinTech blockchain trading platform dApp based on the Ethereum framework, and developed a trading platform for a class of OTC-derivatives, with interest rate swaps by means of the Blockchain technology. His expertise and skillset makes him a highly valuable team member to Level01.

Level01 is a proprietary system that allows investors to trade options contracts directly with one another, without requiring an intermediary or broker. The platform combines Distributed Ledger (DLT) Technology for transparent and automated trade settlement on the blockchain with Artificial Intelligence (AI) analytics that provides fair value pricing dynamically to counterparties in a trade based on current and retrospective market data.

“Evgeni doesn’t just accept existing technology but thinks about how to create new technology or use them in a novel way to benefit people,” said Level01 CEO Jonathan Loi. “With him on board, we will be well-guided on new ways to use blockchain to help reconfigure the financial trading environment.”

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