Level01, the World 1st Brokerless Derivatives Exchange in Partnership with Thomson Reuters recently had our soft launch at The Langham Hotel, Hong Kong on July 18, 2018.

The event was attended by the full team from Level 01, including our Founders, Developers and Advisors. We invited many distinguished guests and investors from all over the world.

Level01 Founder and CEO Jonathan Loi welcoming guests and investors

Opening with an amazing laser show, the event started with our CEO Jonathan Loi giving the opening speech on the background of Level01, and how he envision a Derivatives Exchange for traders and investors that is completely fair, transparent and trustworthy; by using Blockchain and our cryptocurrency token known as LVX.

Michael Go commending the partnership between Level01 and Thomson Reuters

It was a great honor to have Michael Go, Thomson Reuters’ Asia Pacific Head Of Trading Markets, commending how Level 01 peer-to-peer trading using the Blockchain will make everything cheaper, quicker and more efficient.


Michael highlighted the synergistic partnership between Level01 and Thomson Reuters encompassing data exchange, credit check, infrastructure and connecting Level01 to the financial market. This is the first time Thomson Reuters works with a partner that is not a traditional financial institution, signifying the confidence they have in our groundbreaking technology and team.


Dr Walter Tonetto

Dr Walter Tonetto explaining how Blockchain technnology will benefit everyone

Dr Walter Tonetto, Vice Chairman, Global Blockchain Application Research Foundation explained how Level01 uses the Blockchain, AI and cryptocurrency to minimize risks and provide maximum benefits to traders and investors.

Lastly, our Vice President Asia Pacific, Mr Martin Ma spoke in Mandarin to the Chinese audience articulating Level01 as one of the few great opportunity to capitalize on like Amazon and Ali Baba.

The event ended with another spectacular laser show with synchronized dancer and our guests were later treated to a sumptuous 11-course Chinese cuisine dinner and entertained by traditional Chinese musicians with special effects projection.


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