Blockchain smart contracts are poised to change the way we do business forever. Smart contracts help ordinary folk like you and me to exchange shares, financial assets, money or anything of value in a transparent and accountable way, without involving the services of third parties like lawyers or financial institutions.

How does this work? The decentralized ledger in the Blockchain allows for the smart contracts (you can think of them as self-executing digital contacts) to be converted to computer code, stored and replicated on the system, then administered by a global network of computers that run the Blockchain. This means that every transaction based on a smart contract can never be altered, thereby reducing fraud.

Level01 is the world’s first ultra fair, secure and intelligent, peer-to-peer Derivatives Exchange. It is enables anyone to trade derivatives without the need for brokers or middlemen. Level01 users hold their funds in their wallet and are given control of their own funds. The funds are not held by the platform at any time. This grants you greater autonomy and flexibility to manage your own investments on Level01.

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