Derivatives Trading: Level01 (LVX) The Next Evolution in Derivatives Trading

Trust certainly doesn’t mean what it used to. These days, we trust more institutions and organizations than we realize. When we buy and sell goods on Amazon or Alibaba, we are putting a lot of faith into a third party to facilitate our daily trade and commerce. When we make financial transactions or use trading platforms, there are a number of firms and 3rd parties that we rely on to fully execute our decisions — even if we don’t know that they’re involved.

Regardless of whether or not we wanted it this way to begin with, massive corporations have monetized our trust in a very significant way. It’s not something we think about on a day-to-day basis, but it’s something that the cryptocurrency market is making society rethink completely.

With the blockchain revolution, innovators have been finding new, disruptive ways of redefining what trust means, and have developed some truly remarkable technologies that allow us to move closer to a trustless market — where we rely on reliable, straightforward networks to help us achieve these things (instead of putting all our faith and money into the hands of corporate middlemen).

Level01 (LVX) is one of those industry-disrupting endeavors, and it’s poised to completely shift derivatives trading as we know it.


What is Level01 (LVX)?

By leveraging blockchain and cryptocurrency technology along with machine learning (artificial intelligence), Level01 (LVX) is bringing about a new paradigm in derivatives trading that gives consumers what financial brokerages currently can’t: total fairness and transparency.

Blockchain is enabling technology that has given us a new, evolved form of trustless peer-to-peer technology so that any digital asset — or asset that can be digitalized — can be sent across the world in a moment’s notice. Rather than relying on third-party middlemen to facilitate transactions, we can now depend on distributed ledger technology to reliably execute these kinds of exchanges. It’s exactly the type of technology that Level01 (LVX) has combined with AI to bring us a trustless derivatives trading platform.


The Next Step in the Evolution of Derivatives Trading

Level01 (LVX) allows investors to freely trade derivatives from a variety of assets — from cryptocurrencies and commodities to stocks, forex, and indices. The platform features live-streamed data and interactive charts that keep traders fully informed, on top of a multitude of analysis and charting tools for users with more experience.


This app’s proprietary user interface is sleek and easy to navigate, making peer-to-peer exchange on the network a breeze. It is designed to effectively get rid of all forms of friction in the user experience that plague conventional exchanges — like cumbersome fund withdrawals/deposits requests and authorizations, multi-tiered identity verification, and wallet security. On top of that, its automated trade settlement on the blockchain is combined with AI analytics that give users fair value pricing dynamically to P2P counterparties in a trade using current and retrospective market data.

It’s a pretty interesting up-and-comer, and there is a lot of depth to this project. You can check out more about this upcoming platform here.



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