1. Register/Verify an Email and Login

REGISTER for an account at https://acc.level01.io. This allows you to keep track of your Purchases and obtain updated news and support from Level01 admin staff.

register for account lvx

At the REGISTER page, fill in your email address, password/password again, and tick the checkbox.

Referral Code is not compulsory.

Next, verify your email.

Click on the Verify Email Address link provided in your email.

LOGIN from https://acc.level01.io after a successful registration.

You need to VERIFY your email account before being able to login. Check your email used to register, the system will have sent you a link to verify your email account.


2. Verifying Your User Profile

You are required to VERIFY your user profile before being able to purchase LVX tokens.

Clicking PURCHASE or USER PROFILE will send you to a page with a ‘please verify your account here’ link.

You can also click VERIFY NOW in the dropdown menu at the top-right.

verify lvx account


You will see the User Verification page like below.

verification lvx page

Input all required fields (denoted with *). Ensure you have input a valid Ethereum Wallet address to receive your LVX tokens. Do NOT input an Ethereum Wallet address from an Exchange.

We recommend using https://trustwalletapp.com/ to create an Ethereum Wallet if you do not already have one.



Go to https://trustwalletapp.com/

etherum wallet

Choose to download Trust Wallet App on your device



trust wallet App store

You will reach the App store to download Trust Wallet



create wallet






backup phrase

Save these backup phrase in a secure and memorable location. These 12 backup phrase words was used to import your Trust Wallet to new phone device and restore your wallet on Trust Wallet app



verify backup phrase

Verify your own backup phrase – Re-arrange the backup phrase in the correct order.

Click the DONE button



waller created

Your Trust wallet successfully created



Upon successfully created your wallet, you can see your Ethereum wallet and other possible operations. Click Ethereum (ETH)



Click the RECEIVE button



This is your Ethereum wallet address that can be used to receive Ethereum and other tokens.

You can use https://www.myetherwallet.com to create an Ethereum Desktop Wallet if you do not already have one.

Ethereum Desktop Wallet is optional. You do not need to create it if you already have created Trust Ethereum Mobile Wallet above.

Mini Guide – Creating an Ethereum Desktop Wallet

Go to https://www.myetherwallet.com

Click through all the caution notices until you reach Done


You will reach the main page with the ‘Create New Wallet’ tab highlighted. Enter a password (remember your password!) and click the Create New Wallet button.


Click on Download Keystore File (UTC/JSON). Save the keystore file in a secure and memorable location. The keystore file can be used together with your password to open your Ethereum wallet.


Save your Private Key – copy and save the string of characters to a memorable location. Alternatively click the Print Paper Wallet button and select Save as PDF to save the information as a PDF file to your computer or other location. The private key can be used in conjunction with your password to open your Ethereum wallet.

Click the Save Your Address button.


Unlock your wallet to see your address – Select the Keystore/JSON File option on the left. Click the SELECT WALLET FILE and select the keystore file you saved.

Enter your password and click Unlock.


Upon successfully unlocking your wallet, you can scroll down to see your full Ethereum wallet info and other possible operations.

Copy the string of characters in ‘Your Address’. This is your Ethereum wallet address that can be used to receive Ethereum and other tokens.

 Congratulations! You have successfully created your Ethereum wallet.


2. Verifying Your User Profile (continued)

etherum address lvx

Insert/Paste your Ethereum wallet address into the Ethereum Address field.
Upload your ID/Passport that has relevant information (note that maximum file size is 2MB) via the Attachment Upload button.

Click Submit button to continue. Click Ok when prompted ‘Proceed with Action?

Your Level01 Account will be verified and whitelisted within 24 hours by administrative staff. You will receive an email notification.


After successful verification, you can access the PURCHASE button in the menu.

Please enter amount of LVX to purchase, or value to purchase in USD. Click NEXT to continue. Payment method can be selected later.


You will see a summary page of your intended purchase. Click Purchase, and the system will request confirmation via a popup: “Level 01 Technologies Payment Screen will open at CoinGate, press OK to proceed”. Click OK to continue


You will be directed to the CoinGate payment gateway. Select your desired method of payment, Bitcoin Ethereum, click Pay with button.
In this example: More currencies > Ethereum (Ether) selected.



If a refund address is requested, input a proper wallet address for refund of overpaid payment.

A payment address and corresponding QR code will be generated. Send sufficient payment to the address to complete the transaction. Note: there is a time window of 20 minutes to initiate a payment, after which the payment address expires and is no longer valid.

Note: It is recommended to send payment in Bitcoin.



Upon successful payment, you should see a ‘Confirming’, and later ‘Paid and Confirmed’ page.


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