A businessman needs an universal medium to build his empire worldwide. A medium of exchange that is so widely accepted and unanimously represented as a standard value accepted by all parties, to facilitate trade, sale or purchase of goods. In this day and age, this medium of exchange is currency.

Now what if there was a new class of currency that extends beyond convention to include the value of investment assets, and what if this new and vastly larger representation of value is accepted universally? We call this Universal Asset Currency, the LVX token, a medium of exchange on Level01, the world’s first Brokerless Derivatives Exchange in partnership with Thomson Reuters. The LVX token is the very key that will unlock a $1 quadrillion global derivatives market to the general public.

LVX derivatives

This is no ordinary big hairy audacious goal, it pays in more ways than one to discover the mind-blowing amount of research, development, testing and simulation by leading global experts in FinTech, Economics, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics to create a completely trustworthy world-class digital eco-system on Level01 that profits everyone from individual investors to professional traders to investment firms. Level01’s stellar team of industry leaders and experts developed a groundbreaking platform and mobile app (or DAPP) to empower anyone to create the best and most profitable outcomes using current and historical data provided by Thomson Reuters, intelligent trade matching, automated trade settlement, market asset variety, trade room hosting capabilities, exceptional liquidity and instant deposits and withdrawal capabilities.

The general users (people like you and me) do not have to worry about professional traders or institutional traders because individual users will be on a level playing field just like how Wade Watts started his story in the American sci-fi movie, Ready Player One. With inbuilt measures to address extreme volatility, speculation and token hoarding, users are free to delve into a global market flush with an even distribution of LVX tokens to enable derivatives trading to flourish and grow for the long term.

Increased liquidity, token utility and a diverse and active global user base is also a perfect fit for professional traders and financial institutions because it enables the derivatives exchange to be larger than it could possibly be in the past. Blockchain technology removes the issue of distrust or fraud; brokerless saves trading fees, automatic disbursements of digital contracts reduce operating costs and speeds up trades across borders.

The Level01 interface is simple and barriers to entry are minimal, but the backend infrastructure is incredibly vast, secure and ready for billions of users. With everyone from individuals to professional traders to global financial institutions jumping on board, so too will the number of investment assets traded in the derivatives market grow to include non-commodities valued at $300 trillion, private business and real estates at $300 trillion, corporate and municipal bonds, securitized debts and listed stocks valued at $116.4 trillion, government bonds at $56.7 trillion, bank money at $50 trillion, base money at $28.8 trillion and gold to make up different asset values worth $1 quadrillion. There are several market analysts who even placed the size of the market at more than 10 times that of the total world gross domestic product (GDP)!

To serve a market of gargantuan proportions, Level01 invested in the absolute best infrastructure, security and system architecture to support active participation of billions of users with Level01 data centers spread across Seattle, USA, Ontario, Canada, London, United Kingdom, Russia, Singapore and Hong Kong. This enables a never-ending flow of transactions using the LVX token to represent the trillions of derivatives of investment assets across the globe.

Being widely used in global transactions at an accelerated speed on Blockchain technology makes the LVX token very valuable, and will be of interest to the economic powerhouses of the world. Which takes us to the next strategic implementation in the pipeline: the LVX token will enter the global banking system to enable conversions to USD. This direct connection to offline economies delivers a limitless inflow of capital that supercharges any given country’s GDP — this makes the LVX token a very desirable proposition indeed.

Now, wouldn’t you want to be part of this future?


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