Peer-to-peer trading has long been a goal of the blockchain community, especially when it comes to the trade of stocks and cryptocurrency assets. Under a P2P trading platform, it would be possible for the cryptocurrency community to conduct trades without the need for intervention from any central authority or regulator inside of the exchange. Over time, the development of this idea actualized in the form of decentralized exchanges. But even on these exchanges, the trade of traditional stock derivatives without the use of a broker has not been the norm.

But according to executives at Hong Kong-based Level01 Derivatives Exchange, their platform is going to allow participants to trade derivatives contracts without the need for intervention of any third-party broker. The company claims that this new system will allow for the trade of derivatives without any kind of bias in an environment of ultimate transparency.

CEO Jonathan Loi outlined his belief in the efficiency of the system in an official comment, remarking that developer Thomas Reuters is an “industry leader” whose penchant for information technology promises that the “Level 01 algorithms” will be able to “perform most efficiently.”

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