Using machine learning technology, the platform provide traders with efficient price discovery & fair price analytics based on market price movements to make it viable & fair for both parties of the trading contract. Transactions on the platform are automated & transparent, with profits being instantly transferred to an investor’s wallet after the trade is completed.

Level01 is a P2P trading platform designed to provide users with a non-custodial and AI analytics-driven exchange for the burgeoning derivatives market.



The cryptocurrency market has witnessed substantial growth over the last few years owing to the rising list of use cases for the digital currency and its underlying technology. Many in the financial industry are starting to realize the benefits of blockchain and its amazing market opportunities, applying the technology across a wide range of sectors, including online payments, capital markets, investment, and trade services. In addition to complete transparency and almost instant P2P transfers, the technology helps financial institutions to significantly cut the cost of transactions.

Level01 is the first project that will leverage the cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to build a new platform for peer-to-peer derivatives (options) trading. The startup aims to transform the current derivatives trading sector, addressing the key issues such as price manipulation, centralization, and hidden fees.

The initial idea, according to Jonathon Loi, the founder and CEO of Level01, was to develop a platform that enables users to trade directly between each other. After using a number of different broker apps, he understood the financial trading industry still lacks a service that would allow traders offer option contracts directly to other traders.

Options are a type of derivatives contracts between two or more parties and whose price is derived from underlying assets like commodities, bonds, and stocks. Today, the valuation of the market stands at an impressive $1.2 quadrillion on the high end.

The derivatives are generally traded on large exchanges and OTC markets and can’t be accessed by retail individuals. To start trading, these investors have to deal with third-party brokers or brokerage firms, paying high fees for their services. Moreover, there is always a risk of fraud on the part of the brokerage.

Level01 eliminates the need for intermediaries, allowing investors to trade with each other on a peer-to-peer basis.

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