It’s coming to the end of my 2nd year with, which is a peer to peer (P2P) derivatives exchange that allows people to trade options contracts directly with one another, without any broker or middleman.

The Level01 App enables investors to trade derivatives freely and easily from a multitude of assets, ranging from Forex, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Stocks and Indices.

We are considered the world’s fairest derivatives/options trading platform because we have:

  • No Brokers
  • No Hidden Costs
  • No Unfair Pricing
  • No Withdrawal Wait
  • No Hacking Risk

If you read this far, you may wonder; is this an intro on Level01 or something else? Well, much as I wanted to write about Level01 groundbreaking technologies like our Fairsense AI or predicting win ratio using trusted data feed from Thomson Reuters, this post is about my journey with some of the best people I had the honor to befriend and work with.

Being part of a startup is not new to me, but I never work with someone as meticulous and brainy as our CEO Jon Loi. His attention to details is so refined that he can spot any minute errors, omissions or mistakes, be it our contents or operations. With Jon, I learned and benefited a lot from adopting a conscientious approach to marketing, from crunching Google Analytics or Facebook Insights to having my team proofread everything to ensure each piece of content is appealing, accurate and engaging. That to me, has upped our agency’s capability and standard.

This is nothing compare to how Jon leads our team of experts in Quant Analysis, Big Data, AI, Neural Network, Derivatives Pricing & Risk Analysis, with the vision that Level01 will change derivatives trading forever. I used to think that having vast knowledge or deep passion will make most things work. But when it comes to something complex and state-of-the-art like predictive AI, you need finesse, something that Jon has abundance of. And I saw tremendous improvements in our marketing game by adopting finesse in everything we do, even if it’s at the expense of spending more time brainstorming, writing or designing contents.

Because of Jon meticulous approach to Level01, we are now at the final phase of the app launch, and our predictive AI called Fairsense is showing great results during stringent testings by a group of veteran options traders. Building such an unique and innovative AI is really tough but with Jon’s strict attention to details, we are on the verge of a significant breakthrough.

To Adam Ooi, thank you for your energy, drive and passion. You are right, our strength is our people: founders, developers, partners, investors etc. Let’s tell our story to the world.

To Dabiri, Naglis, Donatas, Evgeni, I’ve never work with a more knowledgeable and competent Developers than you guys. We are ready to deliver fairness and equality to the derivatives market.

To Michael Go, thank you for sharing the finer points on the global derivatives markets, and pertinent information that allows us to produce useful and accurate contents. It is a pleasure and honor to have you on board with us.

Watch out for our app launch soon on our website,

Charles Wong
Chief Marketing Officer