Level01, the pioneer in decentralized and AI-guided derivatives trading, has announced the listing of the company’s smart token, LVX, on DigiFinex, the widely popular Singapore-based digital asset exchange on 25 November, 2019.

Level01 brings you the fairest, safest and most profitable options trading platform, guided by our powerful FairSense AI with trusted data source from Thomson Reuters.

Invest in AI, Big Data, Derivatives Market, Forex, Commodity and Crypto simply through one smart token – LVX.

The decision to offer LVX to a wider market than that uniquely within Level01’s platform arose from the consideration of DigiFinex’s ability to allow for greater value transfer among a larger audience as the digital asset exchange continues to find a stronghold among traders within Asia.

In creating a wider opportunity for token holders to utilize their assets, beyond those envisioned within Level01’s innovative platform, LVX is now positioned to become a viable alternative for traders looking to expand beyond the barriers of high cost coins.

Of the decision to list on the exchange, as DigiFinex has established itself as a trusted exchange within the industry, leveraging its U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission level IT security, the option fell in line with Level01’s vision of maintaining transparency while creating a user experience focused upon security.

This is due to the idea that Level01, as a company, has continuously maintained that the defining characteristic of entities within trading must be that of one focused upon creating trust through transparency.

With this listing, Level01 anticipates both a surge in value for early adopters while also allowing traders new to the token the opportunity to build returns derived from Level01’s successful platform and value within the crypto market itself.

Level01 is a pioneer in creating a truly broker-less derivative exchange that allows for decentralized P2P trading while maintaining transparency through implementation of Decentralized Ledger Technology. Leveraging upon its proprietary FairSense AI, the company seeks to advance its mission of allowing traders a new opportunity to engage in the world of option trading without the traditional barriers set in place by brokerage firms.

With this, Level01 is positioned to usher in a new era of automated trust built on digital ledger technology.

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