In a move that further cements Level01’s dedication to transparency and fairness, we would like to announce the successful acquisition of two operational licenses as issued by an EU member state.

After securing a meeting with the FIU of Estonia, we are proud to have successfully acquired both the Virtual Currency Exchange License and Virtual Currency Wallet License as approved by Estonia’s governing body. Both these licenses legitimizes Level01’s position as the pioneer of decentralized finance platform and the benchmark for transparency using Blockchain.

Of the petition and subsequent acquisition, Jon Loi, Founder of Level01, stated: “The regulatory approvals from the FIU is a milestone forward for us to provide innovative digital services under our groundbreaking decentralized finance platform, with greater peace of mind for our clients.”

With this acquisition, we are looking forward to ending the year by providing the fairest, safest, most profitable and now, licensed decentralized finance platform for our clients.

The World Is Unfair. Level It.
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