As to maintain a truly decentralized finance platform, the Level01 App allows for the usage of independent wallets, those free from interference on the part of the platform.
For this, the app itself allows for easy integration with users’ own electronic wallets via in-platform prompts.

Though, for those that have not yet created an electronic wallet prior to using the Level01 App, the app offers an easy-to-use tool to create an independent wallet based upon the Ethereum blockchain.

To help guide you through the process, let’s begin creating your first electronic wallet on the Level01 App!

Creating an Electronic Wallet in the Level01 App


To begin, open the Level01 App allowing, and navigate to the main menu by selecting the menu icon, the three horizontal lines in the upper right corner.

From the main menu, a notification that a wallet is required will prominently display informing you that a wallet has not been generated or imported into the app yet.

To begin the process of creation, simply press the add wallet symbol and select “New Wallet” from the generated pop up. Enter your 6-digit pin number to set-up the wallet, or use biometric if you’ve setup biometric during account creation.



You are now ready to assign a name to your wallet.

This becomes particularly helpful if you create multiple wallets for specific instances, for example a wallet dedicated solely to the trading of forex or commodities.

If at some point in the future, you would like to change the name of your wallet you can do so from the main menu.

Once you’ve named your wallet, simply press “create wallet”.


At the next screen, you’ll be prompted with a reminder to backup your wallet credentials locally on your device.

It is critical to remember that the wallet credentials (private key & mnemonic phrase) are essential in accessing your wallet, losing them could result in loss of all funds stored within the wallet.

Please select “copy” and save your private key for the wallet to keep it somewhere safe. At the next screen, you’ll be asked to key in the last 3 characters of your private key as acknowledgement that you’ve kept your private key at a safe place.


Next, you’ll be given the mnemonic phrase for the wallet. Do the same as you would for your private key, copy them and keep them secured in somewhere you’ll never forget. To make sure that you’ve saved your mnemonic phrase, you’ll be asked to arrange the phrases according to their sequence. Select “next” to finalize your wallet.


Congratulation! You’ve just successfully created a new wallet in the App. The app will then automatically add your wallet to the available wallets list.

You’re now ready to begin trading on a new level as you enter the world of Level01.

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