Continuing the recent trend of making headlines, Level01 has yet again found itself the focus of another piece in which the core features of the Level01 App are explored.

Following the in-depth reporting of publications such as Forbes, Cryptovest, and Coinspeaker, Hacker Noon now joins a growing number of publishers finding themselves sharing the successes of Level01 with their significant reader base.

To share a brief snippet of the latest piece, the author had this to say after diving into the app for themselves:

“Having explored the core features of the Level01 trading platform, it is safe to say that the team backing the project has dared to tread a unique path to provide services to traders who understand the place of technology in a competitive landscape. The startup has successfully surpassed the numerous challenges to bring its platform to fruition, and steadily attracting conventional traders to its fairer more beneficial offering.”

To enjoy the piece in its entirety, please visit Hacker Noon.

And to experience the power of decentralized finance for yourself, download the Level01 App today!