Level01’s Co-Founder, Adam Ooi, found himself the feature of the latest piece from Benzinga as the publisher sought to distill the story of Level01, as told through his point of view.

Taking the moment to step away from the technical achievements and innovations delivered by the groundbreaking app, the Co-Founder instead focused upon the identity of Level01 as a company as well as how the philosophy behind the venture features finds its place within operations.

When asked the meaning behind the name, Level01, the Co-Founder offered this bit of insight:

“The word ‘Level’ stems from the action and result of being fair and ’01’ represents the 0s and 1s of the digital world.
We understand that the world is not fair, but we want to strive to make it so, as much as we can, as best as we can. It won’t be perfect, but that is the beauty of life.
In its own ironic and mysterious way, life always presents room for improvement, and that to me is life’s highest and most meaningful gift.”

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