As 2020 begins with a surge of valuation felt over the Lunar New Year, Level01 has yet again found itself among the talking points of those looking towards a new year of possibilities for blockchain technology.

This time, the Founder of Level01, Jon Loi, was asked, as part of a collection of leaders within the industry, to offer his insight regarding the adoption of blockchain moving forward into a new decade of innovation to the readers of Hacker Noon.

To give the readers a glimpse of his vision for the industry, Jon Loi offered:

“This year will see a more cohesive realignment of blockchain solutions for real needs…We think users in 2020 have bypassed the hype surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency. Projects that introduce real-world solutions to solve actual pain points will be the focus of 2020. This is already apparent with the volume and reception to our recently listed token, LVX.”
-Jon Loi, Founder of Level01

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