In a continuation of the attention Level01 has found within media due to our innovative platform, International Business Times and their team took note of Level01, featuring us at the top spot for their “Leading Companies That Are Disrupting Their industries” piece.

As progress continues to be made within the Beta Testing stages of the Level01 App, spotlights like this allow for a larger audience to discover what so many users have already found to be true; Level01 has created a platform in which options trading is taken to a new level.

The International Business Times staff had this to say regarding our platform:

“From our perspective, this innovative startup has developed a blockchain-based platform that not only solves all the deep-rooted issues within the traditional financial markets, but has the potential to open complex financial markets like derivatives trading to everyone, an enormous market worth $542.4 trillion according to BIS (Bank of International Settlement). For a blockchain-based startup, this is a rare feat indeed.”

As we move forward in creating a wave of disruption throughout the DeFi and DEX communities, we anticipate more positive news to follow.

To read the piece in its entirety, please visit International Business Times.
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