As DeFi continues to find a stronger foothold among mainstream audiences, the focus upon its place within the larger scope of finance has caught the attention of leaders within the space.

Furthered by the value held within DeFi, mainstream audiences have begun to look towards the long term effects such an entry will have on the space as a whole as well as its potential path towards growth.

To dig further into DeFi’s movement from sidelines to growing player, Cointelegraph sought the insight of those actively pushing the space into the focus of the finance world at large.
One such leader was Level01’s own founder, Jon Loi, who offered his take regarding how the successful adoption of a single facet of DeFi allows for further adoption of projects operating within the space as well:

“For Jonathan Loi, founder of derivatives exchange platform Level01, the DeFi market is on course for continued growth. In a private note to Cointelegraph, Loi said that the pace of growth is a vote of confidence, adding:

        ‘The majority of value is staked in lending protocols: Because of these protocols collateralized and transparent nature with potential dividend upside, it becomes attractive to investors leading to the quick pace of adoption. Other industries such as financial trading is[sic] also gaining pace as evident in the growing interest in direct P2P trading platforms that facilitates transparent and autonomous settlement for the trading of options contracts.’ “

Thus adoption begets adoption.
All of which allows more projects the opportunity to innovate within the space, again, furthering adoption.

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