Level01.io would like to express our deep concern and solidarity with the global effort to counter the COVID-19 pandemic.

While every effort is made to overcome this serious outbreak, from governments to corporations to organizations, the best thing we can do individually is to minimize human contacts and maintain social distance.
We like to point out that humans have overcome many pandemics in the past; like Spanish Flu, Asian Flu, H1N1 etc which are much more fatal and we have much lesser medical facilities and technologies then.

This is the power and proof of the indomitable human spirit.

By the same token, we should equip ourselves with knowledge and awareness to fight this pandemic.
And to find ways for us to have some normalization in our lives at the moment, be it working from home, office or simply on leave.
Level01, which is based on Blockchain and decentralization, wholly and fully supports and enables this way of working, trading and living.

This is a good time to pick up some useful skills and knowledge, like options trading or watching the financial markets in real time from our app.
Or spend time with our loved ones, mend ties and foster better relationships.

Remember to cherish people in the front lines like our Doctors, Nurses, Lab Assistants and Law Enforcement who sacrificed so much for humankind during these dire times.
Eventually, we will survive and emerge better and stronger from this crisis.

This is the hallmark of humanity.

May you be blessed with patience, wisdom and fortitude.

– Team Level01.io