It is common understanding that there exist a myriad of systemic and institutional inequities within society. Despite these widespread inequalities, there exist technological solutions to level the field, so to speak, within a given industry.

Though, the mission to bring these solutions to the world is one that, personally I believe, requires unremitting effort and persistence; these aspects, unsurprisingly, are the founding principles in which Level01 is built.

While the platform’s commitment to its founding principles may not be easily illustrated within its code or packaging, it is present in every step, every strategy, and every decision of the company. It is these widespread inequalities that drive the company towards creating a financial industry that is built upon fairness, one that is systematically safer and more transparent.

To all those that have believed in Level01, thank you.
We intend to continue towards our committed goal and wouldn’t be able to do so without your support.

As we look towards the world and witness disasters unfolding within society currently, it may bring a sense of crisis to everyone. Though, we should find solace in our place in the universe and find wisdom from adversity to better our lives.

Alongside crisis comes new hopes, new systems, and a new world.
It is our duty to reflect upon these facts and understand what we are to do next.

To leverage the possibilities, it is necessary that the system supports drastic changes made throughout humanity and the economy from crises and disasters.
Only by emerging wiser and stronger, we will find ways to live meaningful lives.

Stay safe and may you be blessed with a healthy and meaningful life.

– Adam Ooi, Co-Founder of