As covid-19 continues to hold nations hostage, financial markets, globally, have experienced a steep turn towards uncertainty and losses due to panic caused by the pandemic.

With losses and financial forecasts warning of bear markets, investors within traditional sectors are experiencing a rough start to the second quarter.

Fortunately, for investors within the blockchain space, a number of digital assets have remained stable despite the crises.

To shed a light on the assets that have proven themselves “pandemic-proof”, Hacker Noon’ Top 10 New Tokens To Watch In 2020 piece featured a number of tokens that have weathered the financial storm.

Of LVX’s stability despite uncertainty in other sectors, the author wrote:

“Level01’s native token LVX has performed greatly against the current global pandemic and economic crisis, with it’s prices remaining steady and even climbing slightly compared to others crashing to over 35% including Bitcoin at this time of writing… Add to the fact that many people are forced to stay home due to the global pandemic, options trading will definitely pick up more interest and traders. The token of a DeFi platform that combines cutting edge technologies and multi markets is  definitely one of the most interesting pick of this year.”

As financial markets and traditional assets continue to experience uncertainty, assets that remain stable in the current crises, such as LVX, will remain critical for investors seeking to pandemic-proof their portfolio via diversification.

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