The safest and fairest way to trade derivatives is now available to the Android market.

After thorough closed-session beta testing, the Level01 App has been successfully launched on Google Play; opening the opportunity to experience its proprietary AI to a larger audience.

Now, as testing continues to scale, people from across the globe can experience a futures trading experience that is built upon the tenets of fairness and driven by machine learning.

A New Trading Experience on Google Play

With this launch, Level01 is set to begin bringing DeFi, as well as Dapps as a whole, to a more mainstream audience.

The Level01 App on Google Play, much like the closed beta app, will utilize the Ethereum testnet to allow new users the opportunity to familiarize themselves with both the mechanics of the app and the world of derivatives, giving users the opportunity to make demo trades on a live marketplace without the risk of loss.

This is the beginning of DeFi for all.
This is Level01.

To experience everything the Level01 App can offer download now!