As markets across the globe experience pandemic-induced panic and slumps, DeFi is finding itself naturally positioned to alleviate market concerns while providing a proverbial light at the end of the tunnel for retail investors.

To illustrate the inherent ability for DeFi assets to not only the weather the storm but also earn gains, one needs to look no further than Level01’s own LVX token.

While headlines for mainstream media have spoken of losses, LVX has been outpacing predictions, earning 30% gains built upon a successful launch of the Level01 App on Google Play.

Though, that success did not go unnoticed as Yahoo! Finance and Yahoo! News both put out pieces detailing the rise in value.

Regarding the increase in valuation, Yahoo! Finance wrote:

With the hype and publicity surrounding this decentralized finance (DeFi) platform, it is not surprising to see their LVX token surging to over 30% gain at press time, upon their app going live on Google Play Store.

We foresee great potential from this company, its token price is merely an indicator.

As LVX continues to rise within marketplace valuations and offer retail investors a more viable investment option during these uncertain times, a trend towards the moon is quickly becoming the buzz within the DeFi community.
Though, as with every opportunity, the early investor reaps the greatest rewards.

To read “LVX Token Registered Significant Surge On Play Store Launch” in its entirety, please visit Yahoo! News or Yahoo! Finance.
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