The emergence of DeFi as a viable alternative to traditional financial models has given opportunity to motivated individuals to carve a place for themselves among the early history within the space.

While names such as Satoshi Nakamoto and Vitalik Buterin were quick to draw attention in the early days of the space, new leaders have begun to emerge.
For those that have been a part of the Level01 journey it is no surprise that Level01’s founder, Jon Loi, has found himself joining the ranks of Nakamoto and Lupin as an emerging thought leader within DeFi.

Featured in Publish0x’s latest article “Introducing Top 20 Blockchain Entrepreneurs You Should Know”, Jon Loi’s presence in the list stands as proof positive that Level01’s innovative approach to finance and options trading is gaining traction among investors as well as the DeFi community at large.

On Jon Loi’s contributions to the space, Publish0x’s writes:

“Having started his career as a computer scientist and innovator, Jonathan Loi has brought with him an avalanche of technical know-how and experience to the crypto and blockchain scene.[..] Through Level 01, Loi has introduced FairSense, a patented algorithm for reconciling the prices of options and ensuring that they represent fair and real-time values.”

As Level01 continues to provide investors with the opportunity to engage with DeFi on a mainstream level, pieces acknowledging the ground covered by the company are sure to continue.

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