As the current crisis across global markets continues to cause individuals to consider the potential of DeFi as way forward beyond traditional models, news coverage continues to introduce their audiences to decentralized finance’s possibilities.

Without surprise to those familiar with the platform, Level01 is often finding itself included in these explorations of DeFi’s ability to transform finance as we know it.

Such is the case with’s latest piece “The Emerging Popularity of DeFi”, in which the writer presents:

“Another possible new leader [in DeFi] could be the latest entrant Level01, a P2P decentralized trading platform. With Level01, users can open custom contract options to long or short in a wide range of available market assets like Forex, digital assets and commodities.”

Given that the current financial climate is one that will persist with uncertainty alongside the threat of inflation, it is to be assumed that more and more individuals will begin to turn towards to DeFi as an avenue of respite.

Along that path, Level01 will be there to continue it’s goal of a democratized DeFi built for all.

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