As the world continues to witness a freefall in faith towards fiat currency, witnessed in the major push towards gold within recent weeks, DeFi continues to gain traction within the mainstream arena.

Cryptoassets, and by extension DeFi, have made their way into the top chambers of US government as US senators debate the place of digital currency within one of the largest global economies.

This has primed the DeFi market for a surge in growth that may very well match the early boom as more individuals become aware of the transformative qualities of decentralization within finance.

Writing on the recent Senate hearing, Andrew Rosso, writing for Cointelegraph, stated the following about a certain mainstay within DeFi:

“Another token-based DeFi ecosystem positioned to capitalize on this growth trend is Level01. Although the lending niche remains the most attractive use case of DeFi technology, Level01 has introduced its token as a viable decentralized financial tool poised for mainstream success.

The peer-to-peer derivative trading platform exposes traders to a wide array of markets, including forex, gold, oil, stocks, cryptocurrencies and so on, by providing a transparent trading infrastructure with advanced risk/reward functionalities.”

As DeFi continues to make waves on the global stage, the push towards major adoption is no longer a matter of “if” but one of “when”.

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