Yahoo! Finance is calling it; this year is the year of DeFi.

As global economies continue to contract due to the COVID-19 pandemic, retail investors, average joes, and even traditional bankers, in some cases, are looking towards an alternative to a market set to witness a once-in-a-generation devaluation.

Existing alongside mainstream crypto assets, though not enjoying the same exposure, DeFi is now poised to overtake other facets of crypto if trends continue.

This is the take Yahoo! Finance has explored in their latest piece regarding DeFi.

And without surprise to those that follow Level01 news, Level01 has been featured in their analysis.

Of Level01’s opportunity to overtake current industry leaders, the writer stated:

“Level01, specifically, holds great potential to bring great changes to the financial markets, and even transform it into something new and better.

The platform aims to bring decentralized trading to the massive derivatives market currently valued at around $542 billion.”

Given the recent surge that the platform is experiencing within the Chinese market, this prediction may come true sooner than later.

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