Spoiler Warning: DeFi is very much real and set on a path to fill the gaps left by the growing inefficiencies witnessed in traditional finance.

As Edward Moon presented within his latest article, the decentralized space is no stranger to being labelled a bubble.
Bitcoin was branded as such with its rise to the moon in early 2017 yet that “bubble” is one that has, and continues to, generate wealth at unprecedented rates.

In moving beyond the labelling of a bubble, DeFi is now poised, as early cryptocurrency was, to fundamentally disrupt finance as it is known today.
Given the ever expanding use cases for decentralization within finance, it is a safer bet to welcome the evolution than to hold one’s breath waiting for a burst.

In expanding upon this idea, Edward Moon mentioned a particular project that has positioned itself to innovate the space, stating:

“Level01 is steadily establishing itself as a force to be reckoned with in the derivative exchange segment. Whilst exposing traders to a plethora of markets including oil, stocks, gold, and Forex, its native token, LVX is a viable decentralized asset to foster mainstream success.

By utilizing its trademarked AI-powered risk assessment algorithm, Level01 is providing traders with real-time assessment of a reasonable price to purchase tradable assets; thus, leveling the playing field. When combined with the platform’s optimized smart contract settlement feature which seamlessly integrates the use of LVX, Level01 and its tokenized infrastructural solution seems to be quite robust.”

As DeFi as a whole continues to transform what is possible within finance, democratizing access in the process, claims of bursts and bubbles may persist.

But let us remember it was once thought humans would never fly.

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