Given the world is currently in the midst of an unprecedented contraction reaching across most facets of traditional financial systems, decentralization continues to experience a tailwind of support as faith in the old system continues to fracture.

To the surprise of many, this boost in growth and market value has coincided with what is arguably the start of the pandemic; whereas traditional models begin to falter in the face of crisis, DeFi rallied.

Less surprising, when this surge in growth and value was explored in the latest Forbes India article, Level01 found itself labelled an “engine of DeFi.”
The writer furthered their point in stating:

“The platform’s[Level01] niche as a DeFi derivative exchange will likely pay off as the market comes of age to understand beyond lending and saving products within this space. Should this happen, Level01’s native token ‘LVX’, will be well placed in terms of liquidity and exposure to more crypto markets, increasing its prospects of becoming an industry giant as well, being that the derivatives market is huge, and decentralized trading is only scratching the surface.”

As the current pandemic offers no clear end in sight, the opportunity to challenge traditional systems will continue to offer early adopters and end users a path towards ROI; all of which should bring about adoption on a wider scale.

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