As the year continues to prove a fruitful one for DeFi and decentralization as a whole, more positive news has begun to hit the mainstream.

Thus, what was once thought to be an offshoot of crypto has fully stepped into a place of its own and earned the right to exist. DeFi, as the mainstream has finally caught on, is finally here to stay.

On the staying power of DeFi and the power of Level01, Benzinga writers had this to say:

One of the basic tenets of cryptocurrency is to bypass the traditional banking system yet be easily obtainable and transferrable with complete reliability. And Level01 has done this very well with its LVX token, which functions as a store of value, a medium of exchange to trade options, has limited supply (anti-inflationary) and you can stake it to earn more tokens — or in today’s DeFi buzzword, incentivized staking.

Given, the year is still going strong for both DeFi and Level01, mainstream audiences will surely find what early adopters have known all along; DeFi is the way forward.

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