As the current economic toil continues to wreak havoc, both within markets across the world and in the homes of average people, more individuals are turning towards new ways to secure their financial futures.

Thus, trading has become more popular in recent months as access to trading as well as the need for it has increased.

This brings us to the place of AI within the market.
As individuals begin to place their money into trading marketplaces, money that may be scarce due to job loss  and other financial woes, that money is now placed at risk.

Though, the level risk is subjective dependant upon an individual’s decisions there still is a risk.
This brings us back to the first question and the ways that individuals can mitigate that risk while still leveraging the earning power of trading.

Enter AI.

As AI has become more successful at wider utilizations, AI is now being applied to trading marketplaces.

AI & Trading

Given that AI can parse through large data sets and output reliable processes, it lends itself perfectly to trading. As the environment is one rife with data and much of it may be hard to understand for the average retail investor, the ability to pass that “job” onto something more capable is paramount.

Luckily for retail investors, some applications have begun to open access to AI assisted trades.
Level01 is one such platform and carries the distinction of being the first of its kind DeFi.

This access to AI assisted trading allows users of the platform to mitigate risk while knowing in real-time the potential for returns before ever having to make a trade.

In doing so, the world of trading, in the case of Level01 options trading, becomes less opaque and more accessible as a whole to retail investors of all skill levels.
And in that, bypassing the major downside of utilizing trading as a means of securing one’s financial future.

With that let’s take a dive into Level01’s AI, FairSense.

Level01 & AIBuilding profile for level01 defi platform blog

While AI and machine learning are words thrown around the industry as of late, it pays to understand that no two AIs are alike.
The power of AI lies in the information fed to it.

This is why FairSense, created by experts in Quant Analysis and Big Data, utilizes trusted sources of information such as Reuters or Bloomberg, to develop its process of determining fair trades for users.

In drawing upon reliable sources of data, FairSense is able to produce reliable and actionable data.

AI & And Your Trades

While AI can help improve your ability to leverage innovation in favor of your own financial future, it can only do so if you begin trading.
And while AI is certainly not a new concept, its application within DeFi is a first of its kind within the industry.

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