DeFi and Decentralize Exchanges(DEX) has started gaining traction in 2020, with Uniswap (DEX) surpassing the volume of Coinbase (Custodial Exchange), the largest Digital Asset and Cryptocurrency Exchange in North America (US).Total assets locked in decentralized (staking) protocols has also increased 8x since Jan’20 with value of $1B to $7.7B up to date.

While most projects are focused on platforms dealing with spot trading in digital assets, Level01 has pursued a more challenging development aspiration: to deliver a world class decentralized derivatives platform capable of handling all forms of trading contracts in most global market categories, not just cryptocurrencies.

The goal is to provide a scalable global network that investors can easily enter trading contracts without passing through an intermediary and T+1 banking networks. Contracts are settled peer-to-peer by autonomous and transparent blockchain smart contracts that have no downtime or human intervention.

To enhance liquidity and usability of the platform, users are assisted by a proprietary deep learning algorithm (FairSense™️ AI) developed by the team to provide benchmark fair pricing in major markets that the algorithm has been trained in. (IP moat). The algorithm also provides probability analytics that even professionals will find useful.

The platform was developed by seasoned professionals in their respective industries (software architects/developers, quantitative analysts and fintech mobile platform product designers) which are part of the founding team and have ‘skin in the game’.