Given that the economic situation globally continues to take a turn towards decline, more individuals are seeking new opportunities to secure their finances.

And if one lesson can be gleaned from the downturns within the global economy it is that the old adage of never putting all of one’s eggs in single still stands true to financial security.

So, how can one bring that adage into reality within their own finances?

Level01 offers an avenue towards a diversified portfolio guided by AI.

Platform of Possibility

visual of newspaper for level01 defi platformWhile DeFi has long been associated with digital assets, as a focus has been placed upon the potential of digital assets such as crypto to transform the finance space, Level01 opens an avenue to more traditional assets, in addition to crypto.

In providing a reliable platform to trade not only crypto but also forex and commodities, Level01 has given retail investors an opportunity to actively employ diversification as a means of securing their financial future.

Within this access lies the ability to potentially access the $1 quadrillion worth of value within derivatives trading. A number which dwarfs the total amount of value found within crypto alone.

This combination allows retail investors the opportunity to explore options, pun very much intended, that previously were not readily available to those without the assistance of brokers.

With the added benefit of bringing AI guidance into the equation, the platform has given new traders a level playing field in which their future can be built.

A Hedge Against Volatility

Given that the current economic condition has turned many away from risk in a time of lost value, the platform has given users an avenue to hedge against volatility, especially that associated with crypto.

In giving access to markets that extend beyond digital assets, users can still leverage AI to take advantage of volatility within options trading while still protecting their investments via diversified opportunities.

By doing so, traditional assets such as gold and oil are able to be utilized as a hedge against any single trade within the crypto sphere.

This is done so to ensure that every user is able to engage with the world of options trading on their own terms and in their levels of comfort without the threat of completely sinking all of their investments into any one single basket.

As the purpose of the platform is to not only allow access to markets previously guarded by brokers and middlemen but also level the playing field so that average investors can compete with established parties, this opening of markets along with the application of AI, this is to the benefit of every user.

Thus, while simultaneously reducing the threat of volatility towards your financial future while still providing the avenue to leverage it within investments, the platform is providing a truly fair trading experience.

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