All great innovations have their background stories.
Today, we interviewed the Founder and Co-Founder of Level01, the World’s 1st DeFi Platform with AI-Guided Derivatives Trading, while they are sipping tea and having breakfast on the scenic hill resort in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia.

Level01 is a peer-to-peer decentralized platform designed to provide the most fair and secure environment for derivatives traders to trade. It is the ultimate fair DeFi platform for derivatives traders.

Here are a few interesting excerpts from the interview:

Founder Jonathan Loi
We are actually bypassing the middlemen, the brokers that do not add value to this financial system.
With Level01’s Tradeline, both parties have their allocated funds secured in a smart contract.
Decentralization is really a game-changer.
It is important for us to build something that ultimately benefits everyone equally.
The probabilities that we (FairSense AI) provide to the traders are on a very stable and high accuracy level.

Co-Founder Adam Ooi
That we want to return back the equality, the balance, back to everyone.
Level01 enhance, improve current technology to make it more secure, fair and equal.
Blockchain has the ability to complete our vision (to make the world better and fairer).
With Blockchain and decentralization, we can close the gap between rich and poor.
We try to build a company that in the future belongs to everyone.

Level01 will be having it’s main app launch on 10 Oct 2020 and an STO (Security Token Offering) after that, with a new Dividend Token. This will be followed by adding many new app features including OTC trading, host trading rooms and many benefits for the community.

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