One of the most popular and consistent way to make money daily (or hourly for some) is to trade options or derivatives.

For people venturing into the market for the first time, there is a variety of markets for newcomers and veterans alike if they know where to look.

Let’s explore 3 of the most popular options in options trading (pun very much intended).


As many traders who have been in the field for a time will be quick to say, Forex offers a plethora of opportunities for those that have learned how to leverage fluctuations within national valuations of currency.

With this said, for those that are still searching for somewhere to begin, there are 3 active Forex pairs to look at: EUR/USD, USD/JPY, GBP/USD.

And given the amount of information available for each trading pair, it is much easier to begin trying your strategies within the field. Of course, having AI assist your trades, much in the way that Level01 does, is sure to help as well in the long run.

Though whatever choice you prefer, to leave Forex out of your portfolio is to give up an opportunity to secure your financial future.


Crypto, the favored asset of all those with the foresight to see that currency will eventually have its ups and downs as well as the favored asset of those within the tech world.

Given its nature of decentralization, relative ease of entry, and wide availability, crypto has quickly become the go-to asset for all traders looking to shore up their finances with innovation.

For those that are seeking something more stable within a sphere that can be quite volatile, BTC offers relatively lesser price fluctations, in comparison to other tokens.

Though, for those that would like to utilize innovation and utility within their portfolio, ETH offers a favored asset among those within the experienced circles. That said, with great profit comes greater risk.


What was once seen as the preferred asset of truly experienced traders have now become something the average retail investor can now trade, in part to platforms such as Level01.

Assets such as gold offer the long favored standard in value and relative ease of understanding given the amount of information available.

While much like crypto, Silver, in this case relating to the place of ETH, offers something a little more risky but with the potential for higher gains.

Though as with all assets, traders should do their research to ensure that they are making the right choice for their finances.

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