Level01, a pioneer in decentralized peer-to-peer derivatives trading, has launched it’s innovative DeFi platform on Google Play today. Developed over many years by a team of experts in quantitative analytics, big data, AI, derivatives pricing & risk analysis; the platform and app boasts ground-breaking innovations never yet seen before in the financial markets.

Level01’s Founder Jonathan Loi said,
“We believe that we are ahead in the industry for AI-driven derivatives trading; encompassing everything a reliable trading platform requires: fair pricing, risk assessment, quick matching, instant settlement, no security risks and total reliability through Digital Ledger Technologies and AI. Users can now trade derivative contracts with a complete peace of mind and be equipped with all the necessary tools to make informed decisions.”
Co-Founder Adam Ooi added,
“We want to correct the current shortfalls and inequalities of the financial markets and bring back equality and balance to everyone. Blockchain has the ability to complete our vision to make the world better and fairer. Through blockchain and decentralization, we can democratize the financial markets and empower everyone with equal opportunities while accessing it. This launch on Google Play represents an important milestone in our company that brings us nearer to our goal.”


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