Few would imagine the derivatives market, blighted by a financial crisis over a decade ago, would have a gleaming new vanguard to bring groundbreaking innovation and optimism to the scene. Level01, the World’s 1st DeFi Platform with AI-Guided Derivatives Trading recently launched its app on Google Play last week, garnering a glowing 5-star review and a string of news features from the likes of Business Insider, Market Watch, Benzinga and Yahoo! Finance.

For a derivatives trading app to be accepted by global traders like this, it needs to demonstrate innovation and competitive advantage to excel in a $542 trillion derivatives market. And there seem to be a few well-talked about innovations that traders like:


“I have never seen predictive AI like this before, telling me the Win percentage, invest sum, and profit from a particular contract all in one line, well-done Level01!” said Samuel Junior, a reviewer on Google Play.

The balance between functionality and ease of using AI is notoriously hard to get right. Level01’s AI simplifies trading in two ways, first, it assists with fair price delivery so traders are relieved from the complexities of pricing their options contract, and second, it helps traders with their risk-reward analytics by showing it in-money probabilities.

“We have had 50 experienced traders rigorously test our AI before integration,” adds Jonathon Loi, founder of Level01. This proprietary tool is groundbreaking in the global derivatives market and DeFi because it helps traders with information previously only available to big financial institutions and make better decisions to trade profitably over time.

Real-time prices from Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters

The biggest challenge in the derivatives market is trust. In previous years, fraud transpired in both traditional and modern platforms through market manipulation and false information. Level01 demonstrated a commitment to credibility by forming partnerships with Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters to provide real-time data for traders. As Lee Kim, another reviewer on Google Play says “This DeFi app streams real-time prices from Bloomberg and Thomson Reuters, you can trust it for sure.”

Diversification Opportunity for Crypto Traders

Andrey Sergeenkov, an independent analyst on FXSTREET adds his thoughts on the Level01 platform “The divergence away from spot trading is a diversification opportunity for traders.” Not only does this spell an opportunity, but it also creates a more secure trading environment by reducing the risk of hacks, exit scams, or unexpected liquidation due to market manipulation.

“We only offer major and well-established markets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Ripple so we have fewer market manipulation risks. In terms of difficulty, it is advisable for traders who are graduating from spot trading to try their hands on options first before margin or futures trading. Level01 has a convenient demo mode where you can try our platform risk-free and try out your strategies” says Jonathon Loi.

Traders are in Control of Funds

DeFi enables crypto holders to optimize wealth generation opportunities on assets and money on their terms. “It also allows them to retrieve it (almost) instantly. This was not available before during the ICO boom. As a decentralized platform, Level01 provides easy access to crypto and traditional markets such as Forex and Commodity in a non-custodial manner allowing investors to keep total control of their funds minimizing any risk associated with a centralized platform.” says Jonathon Loi.

“Additionally, contract settlement will be on-chain through the use of Ethereum smart contracts meaning traders will always be in control of their funds,” says Andrey Sergeenkov on FXStreet.

Robust Appreciation of the LVX Token

Besides the innovative technology, Level01’s native LVX token is a medium of exchange that can open up a massive derivative market to all traders. “The global derivatives market is estimated to be over $542 trillion. This is the main reason we think LVX shows great potential for robust appreciation in due time” says Andrey Sergeenkov. As more users come onboard, the demand for LVX tokens will increase naturally.

The derivative market’s rollercoaster past might have been appalling, but Level01’s skillful injection of big data, blockchain, and AI into the mix changes the playing field and creates fair opportunities for all traders. Users of Level01 app represent the future of derivatives trading in the fairest and safest DeFi platform for the financial markets.

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