Even in a suppressed economy, DeFi continues to create ripples in the financial market. While many innovations have been designed to change the financial ecosystem, none are so bold as to launch during a global pandemic and take on the infamous derivatives market inequities. 

Forward thinkers do not need to examine what is happening now. Instead, they study the momentum of a token or an entire exchange and how it compares with its competitors, then invest now for what will happen later. Thus, this is the very reason that CoinGape had their eyes on Level01, the World’s 1st DeFi Platform with AI-Guided Derivatives Trading app, its native LVX token, and its strategic partnerships with Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, and AGDelta. 

As written by Achal Arya on CoinGape: 

“While the price effect on LVX token may take time to reflect these latest developments, the Level01 DeFi platform could be looking at next level adoption. An increase in users could ultimately increase the value of its LVX utility token alongside an increase in trading on the platform and demand of the same in listed crypto exchanges. With the current bearish market sentiments, it’s potential is grossly undervalued and it is only a matter of time before this token climbs the charts.”

The financial landscape worldwide is going to change in the next few years completely. If there is one recent tendency, it is the rise of DeFi and AI. It precisely the winning elements that are sought after by forward-thinking investors who can see into the future. 

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