Level01, a leading DeFi platform for AI-guided derivatives trading for financial, commodities and digital asset underlyings, has today announced the launch of the private placement subscription offer for its upcoming STO (Security Token Offering) Public Listing in Asia scheduled at the end of this year.

A private placement will be open till the end of this year for a select group of Institutional, Family office and Accredited High Net Worth investors. Existing LVX tokens in Level01’s Treasury will be subscribed with Fiat or pre-approved digital assets, with a pre-defined conversion to the planned newly issued Securities Tokens (LV1) as part of the Public STO Listing.

The new Securities Token will offer a revenue share on fee-income derived from the platform, with those returns fully backed by purchased gold assets, being one of first in the region to offer such security to investors.

The STO team will be led by Heritage Horizon Capital (Strategic Sponsor) supported by Digital FinTech Partner (AGDelta), Legal Advisor (GLT Law) and Audit Firms in Hong Kong and Malaysia (K.L Tong & Co and Yong & Leonard).

For more info or to subscribe, email investors@level01.io
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