2020 will probably goes down as one of the most challenging year in modern mankind. The pandemic is still ravaging and has completely changed the way we work, live and interact with one another. One of the most apparent change or adoption during these trying times is the way we communicate and conduct our finances. If you connect the lines, the pandemic has actually acted as a catalyst to bring Decentralized Finance (DeFi) to everyone. And we at Level01 are leading the DeFi charge in derivatives trading, AI and big data. Below is a recap of our major milestones during 2020:

  • Officially Launched the World 1st DeFi Platform with AI-Guided Derivatives Trading on Google Playstore.
  • Secures millions in private placements ahead of upcoming STO Listing.
  • Partners with Bloomberg to incorporate Bloomberg Data into Level01’s FairSense AI.
  • Partners with leading fintech company AGDelta to integrate Level01’s DeFi Platform with AGDelta’s Digital Wealth Network.

You may read more about us from the News section here.

Moving forward to 2021, we shall endeavour to make Level01 as the preferred DeFi platform for everyone to conduct their finances beyond the derivatives trading, while continuing to strengthen Level01’s position as fairest decentralized financial trading platform. It is our fervent hope that everyone will use Level01 to partake in the global financial markets easily and seamlessly.

🚀 Markets mooning,
🎶 Blockchain singing,
🌟 Trusted Data streaming,
💡 FairSense AI blinking,
💰 LVX value rising,
📱 Level01 ascending

Happy New Year 2021 everyone!
Team Level01.io