Trading cryptocurrencies has evolved from physically owning the assets to exploring alternative investment options. Buying a full Bitcoin or Ether is growing more expensive, making it more difficult for newcomers to set up a viable portfolio. Instead, traders often explore alternative markets, such as derivatives, to continue profiting from these cryptocurrencies.

Level01 certainly wins big on innovations using Blockchain, AI and Big Data, perfectly apt to call itself the World 1st DeFi Platform with AI-guided Derivatives Trading. Through it’s proprietary FairSense AI, knowing whether one’s trade has a high chance of being successful ahead of making commitments is certainly beneficial to all users of the app.

Allowing users to retain full control over their trades by using their own wallets is a big step forward for the industry as a whole. Blockchain technology is designed to be non-custodial and puts the user in full control. Level01 embraces that vision to the fullest and provides users with a trading platform that is safe and secure.

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