We are pleased to announce that our LVX token is officially available for swapping on Uniswap, the largest decentralized exchange in the world.

You can now swap any tokens listed on Uniswap to LVX, enabling massive options for traders and investors to get LVX token. With our listing on Uniswap, you are no longer restricted to using USDT or ETH to get LVX.

To swap any tokens on Uniswap to LVX, just pick the token then search for LVX on the Uniswap interface. You need to Import the token from CoinGecko, which is a safety measure to show it is the real token validated by CoinGecko (see pic 1). Once imported, you can now swap any tokens on Uniswap to LVX (see pic 2).

lvx pic1

Pic 1 – Import LVX from CoinGecko


Pic 2 – You can now swap any tokens on Uniswap to LVX

Pic 2 – You can now swap any tokens on Uniswap to LVX


With this listing, we hope to offer everyone a chance to be a part of Level01 – the World 1st DeFi Platform with AI-guided Derivatives Trading, covering the massive Forex, Commodity and Crypto derivatives markets worth over $542 trillion. Read all the major news about us.

As the largest decentralized exchange, Uniswap has an average of daily volume of over $7.2 billion as at the time of writing. This platform will enable many traders and investors to buy LVX easily and instantly.

With LVX on Uniswap, anyone can obtain it without the hassle of KYC or face risks and problems associated with centralized exchanges like hacking or slow withdrawal. All it takes is a few steps on your mobile or notebook, and the token goes directly to your private wallet connected to Uniswap.

Swap your tokens to LVX on Uniswap today, it is a good investment for long-term growth and appreciation with the ground-breaking innovations Level01 is bringing to the financial markets.

Get LVX on Uniswap: https://app.uniswap.org/