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Being an online fintech company did not entirely make us immune to the challenges of 2020 in the wake of the pandemic that swept the world. It was inspiring to see the adaptation to change not only within the Company, but also throughout the world as malls, hotels, factories, and even whole airports throughout the world were closed for business indefinitely as preventive measures to curb the spread of the outbreak were made.

Undeterred by the limited travel and interpersonal business communication, the Company has successfully closed its Q1 and financial year end March 2021 with USD 16M in revenue, a 220% increase from the previous year.

After a year in beta, our blockchain settled options trading product was successfully launched on the Ethereum mainnet with real money trading in Q3 2020 after integrating an entire sidechain into the architecture to solve efficiency issues. Over 9 months, we have acquired over 47K users at an average growth rate of +6% per week.

Trading volumes have surpassed 4M notional, with a recorded peak of 267K of LVX (platform native currency) notional traded during a single day on 5th March 21.

Based on analysis and gathered feedback from users, additions to the platform features and updates to the user experience have already been initiated in-line with the Company’s vision of being the premier decentralized fintech platform with a focus on peer-to-peer derivatives.

Innovative features such as hosting custom contracts and leverage trading rooms are being implemented, as well as more ways for users to define contract orders utilizing our proprietary fair pricing algorithm FairSense AI.

Platform outreach has been steadily growing as we hold weekly optimized, ongoing user acquisition and marketing campaigns. As part of a marketing campaign from Q3-Q4 last year, we hosted a trading tournament on our platform with great results effectively doubling the trading volume during the tournament season. The Company is planning to launch a bigger tournament around the same period this year.

There is also a strong community following that has been steadily growing on our social media channels, especially Telegram. To enhance our presence further, we have engaged a full-time community manager to facilitate user and member interactions, as well as providing alternative customer support to our users.

Over the course of 2020, the Company has established important partnerships with major parties to grow the Company. In October Q4 last year, we partnered with Bloomberg to provide us with integrated real-time market data and datapoints for our analytics and algorithm development.

During the same time frame, we had partnered with AGDelta to integrate and tap into their Digital Wealth Network to enhance their product offerings with our own IP.

The current industry growth in the blockchain and digital asset space is very much different from the speculative environment 3-4 years ago. We are seeing more than a 100 Billion of USD value locked in decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols, prominent companies like Tesla and Micro Strategy investing into Bitcoin, and multinational giants like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal building the infrastructure to support payment processing in cryptocurrencies.

We are proud to be building real innovation in the DeFi space to make the financial markets safer, less intimidating, and more accessible to the retail users as well as providing enhanced analytics and liquidity for institutional parties.

As we enter the 2nd quarter of the year, the process for our upcoming Securities Token Offering (STO) is well on track with the current status being audited accounts, legal and prospectus documents being presented to Fusang where token issuance will be held. The issuance is regulated and subject to final approval in the Labuan offshore jurisdiction. Initial pre STO subscriptions are well supported and in excess of 7M USD.

The Company is targeting a 20-25M raise through a combination of company equity and LV1 dividend tokens, enabling investors to participate in both the Company’s growth as well as platform fee income. The capital will be used for the Company’s expansion plans to build more revenue generating features, expand our IP, and acquire more users plus retain existing ones.

Strong market conditions and renewed interest has prompted the Company to begin the groundwork for an eventual larger digital IPO or SPAC listing, with additional reserved rights and incentives for our current STO LV1 holders.

In closing, on behalf of the Company and Team, I would like to extend the warmest thanks and appreciation to all our partners and investors, vendors and service providers, associates and community, for the support extended to make all the above possible in such a respectable time frame.



Jonathan Loi
Founder, Level 01 Technologies

Jonathan Loi


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