Raj looked at people on the crowded subway car: a couple of weary clowns, some Wall Street types and two young girls in school uniforms were gossiping animatedly. The young man sitting next to him seemed focused on his phone, and Raj could barely move, sandwiched next to the young man and a drunk looking construction worker. He glanced at the young man’s screen and saw that he was trading Bitcoin derivatives on his phone. “Hey man, aren’t you scared of Bitcoin’s crazy fluctuations? Didn’t it just crash recently?” asked Raj. The young man looked up, grinned and said, “I rarely lose money, man. I make money whether the market price goes up or down.” 

Raj looked at him in disbelief and said, “What are you? Some kinda genius trader?”. The young man glanced back at him and said, “No. I use AI technology to help me decide on my trade. You see this app I’m using here? It’s called Level01, and it’s got AI analytics to help me calculate my win ratio in real-time.” Now the train was slowing down towards the next stop. The young man said, “Ah, just in time. I concluded my trade with another five grand win”. Raj was astounded. The young man smiled at him, got up as the doors opened and said, “See you on Level01, man”.


How to get started trading derivatives on Level01

It is easy to set up your Level01 app and will only take a few minutes:

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