Riko Yamamoto drew on her cigarette and blew out a stream of smoke. It’s the sixteenth time she lost her trade in the forex market since she began learning how to trade a week ago. “God. This is frustrating,” she thought to herself as she pulled herself away from her laptop and extinguished her cigarette on her half-eaten plate of honey mustard glazed bacon. A rush of anxiety came over her. She grabbed the remote and turned on her smart tv. “Calm yourself, calm yourself”, she muttered under her breath as she navigated to Youtube. At that moment, a video popped up and caught her attention. It was as if TEDx speaker and finance guru Hanns Sim spoke directly to her through the video, “I am going to show you how to trade maximum profits.” Riko watched mesmerized as Hanns took her through peer-to-peer trading on an app called Level01. Riko picked up her phone, tapped on Google Play and immediately downloaded the app on her phone. In just a few minutes, she navigated on the sleek trading platform and set up her wallet.

Taking a deep breath, she ventured into forex options and chose to trade EUR/USD. The chart appeared on her phone, and Riko noticed a list of available peer-to-peer contracts below the chart. Each contract had a win-ratio displayed, updated in real-time. Riko chose one contract to trade against based on a promising win-ratio. Her heart was pounding. She will find out whether her decision is a winning trade within an hour. Soon, it was time. Riko gingerly picked up her phone and checked. Her eyes opened wide in disbelief. She had just won a trade worth USD1000! A single trade that more than covered all her losses in the past week.

Riko smiled. There’s hope for her journey as a new trader, after all.

How to get started trading derivatives on Level01

It is easy to set up your Level01 app and will only take a few minutes:

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APP Quickstart Guide: https://level01.io/quickstart-trading-guide/