“I’m sorry I haven’t called you in weeks,” said Mila as she relaxes onto the couch. Gunter watched as she threw her head back and laughed. “And your hair looks like shit,” she said. Immediately, Gunter turned to look at himself in the mirror. She’s right. His hair is a mess. Gunter turned to her and asked, “Did you get the money?”. Mila stopped laughing and looked at her perfectly manicured fingers. As if she’s thinking about her answer. She shuffled her feet. “What did you buy this time?” Gunter asked.

Mila smiled and waved her brand new Hermes bag at him. “You surprise me, Gunter. Tell me, how does a junior clerk like you able to make that amount of money?” she asked. Gunter raised his eyebrows and opened his mouth, but no words came up. He wondered if he should tell her. “I trade Gold on the commodity derivatives market”, he finally answered as he strode across the floor and sat next to her. Gunter took his phone out and tapped on an app. Mila peered over and saw the app’s logo and name: Level01. The financial charts on the app loaded, and Gunter began navigating through the forex, commodities and crypto market before tapping on his integrated blockchain wallet on the app. He covered his phone for a moment during his security verification and deliberately moved his hand briefly when his wallet loaded. Gunter was sure Mila saw the amount listed in his wallet from all his winning trades.

Gunter saw Mila is twisting her hair with a wicked smile thinking of the next luxury items to buy, with his money no doubt! That smile makes Gunter’s heart bleed because he knew he must leave her. Mila is heaven and hell. “I need to tell you something,” he whispered into her ear. “Yes?” she said. “We’re over”, he answered. Mila looked furious.  She is a thunderstorm and is dangerous, but she has this magnetic pull over Gunter, and she intends on using it again. “Please sweetie, let’s sit down and talk about this”.
But this time Gunter was prepared, he calmly said, “I have thought about it, and you know what, you are the big hole in my wallet, and I have decided to patch it up.” As Mila stormed off in anger, Gunter took another look at his Level01 wallet’s balance and smiled to himself satisfactorily.

How to get started trading derivatives on Level01

It is easy to set up your Level01 app and will only take a few minutes:

Try the world’s 1st DeFi Platform with AI-Guided Derivatives Trading APP: Level01 APP

APP Quickstart Guide: https://level01.io/quickstart-trading-guide/