Coinbase had a successful IPO. Likewise, Morgan Stanley is offering crypto access to its wealthy clients. Both of these points to mass adoption in the crypto space. While its western counterparts have flashed the cash, Level01 has chosen a quieter, more steady path to unlock a massive quadrillion-dollar market successfully. Here, we explore the company’s performance to date and why you should invest in the native LVX token, upcoming STO and Digital Equity Token (DET), LV1 to benefit from its constant trajectory.


  1. Over USD16 Million in Revenue Generated

    Last year was excellent for Level01. The DeFi platform was launched on Google PlayStore to a great reception, with users increasing steadily. In just a short span of 9 months, Level01 acquired over 47,000 users at an average growth of +6% per week.

Founder and CEO Jonathan Loi said, “We’re delighted with the momentum in the business. Trading volumes have surpassed 4M notional, with a recorded peak of 267K of LVX (platform native currency) notional traded during a single day on March 5th, 2021.”

The company successfully closed its Q1 and fiscal year-end March 2021 with USD16 Million in revenue, a 220% increase from the previous year.

The leadership team is deliberate and persistent in the way growth is driven in Level01. With aggressive targets for productivity and development, the company uses analytics and capability building to optimise performance levers. Jonathan has also sequenced Level01’s growth thoughtfully. The team is obsessed with growth and committed to keeping Level01’s business on its growth trajectory.

What are other factors that make this company a good investment? For one, Level01 is also the only DeFi platform globally with an AI-guided derivative trading platform.


  1. Recognised Worldwide for Game-Changing AI

    Level01’s AI “Fairsense”, which predicts fair values and probability rates of tradable assets on its DeFi platform and App, also made waves within the industry. AI is the biggest game-changer because it enables Level01 to scale its footprint in the vast derivative market.

Level01 currently stands unrivalled in the financial markets to deliver an automated fair trading platform for everyone.

These technological innovations led to Investing and Forbes naming Leve01 one of the most promising DeFi projects in 2020.


  1. A DeFi Platform and Token catering to an over $500 trillion per year market

    “The Digital Assets and DeFi space is moving at a rapid pace. We have spent a lot of time and effort developing unique IPs. These IPs will position our clients and ourselves to win from the convergence between conventional and DeFi,” explained Jonathan Loi.

Many people are interested in digital assets and DeFi because it makes financial systems more resilient and less brittle. It shows in the numbers: the DeFi industry accelerated in 2020, rising from $700 million by December 2019 to $13 billion on December 31st, 2020.

For Level01, its DeFi platform and LVX token will cater to an enormous derivatives market estimated to have transacted over $500 trillion yearly, but without the overt control of any one party. The law of supply and demand will determine its value without any influence from hyperinflation. Over-printing is also not a problem because it has a limited supply of tokens.

It is an attractive proposition for traders because they can safely trade without any worries of market manipulation. For investors, this means the platform and its token has solid fundamentals and a growth strategy that works.

“We are proud to be building real innovation in the DeFi space to make the financial markets safer, less intimidating, and more accessible to the retail users. We are also providing enhanced analytics and liquidity for institutional parties,” added Jonathan Loi.


  1. Credible Partnerships

    As part of its mission to create safer financial markets, Level01 formed key partnerships with global giants Bloomberg and AG Delta to elevate its offering and service standards.

In October 20201, Level01 partnered with Bloomberg to provide the trading platform with integrated real-time market data and data points for Level01’s analytics and algorithm development. Within the same time frame, Level01 partnered with AGDelta to integrate and tap into AG Delta’s Digital Wealth Network. The partnership enhances AG Delta’s product offerings with Level01’s IP.


  1. Licensed and Regulated

    As a decentralised DeFi platform and token, Level01 is free from any censorship or central authority intervention. However, this does not mean that it is not regulated and licensed. The company takes international regulations very seriously. It holds two operational licenses as issued by Estonia, an European Union (EU) member state. Its governing body granted Level01 the Virtual Currency Exchange License and Virtual Currency Wallet License.


  1. Level01 Secured Millions from its Pre-STO

    Investor sentiment and confidence in Level01 is strong. Four months ago, the company extended a private placement to a select group of Institutional, Family office and Accredited High Net Worth investors. Existing LVX tokens in Level01’s Treasury were subscribed with Fiat or pre-approved digital assets, with a pre-defined conversion to the planned newly issued Digital Equity Token (LV1) as part of the Public STO Listing. These initial pre-STO subscriptions are well supported and above USD 7 million.

According to Level01 co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, Adam Ooi “The tremendous response to our pre-STO offer shows that people believe in our vision. Level01’s vision is to create the Ultimate Fair DeFi Platform that will democratise finance for everyone.”


  1. Public Listing on Asia’s Fully Regulated Digital Stock Exchange

    As Level01 enters the middle of the year, the company’s Securities Token Offering on Fusang – one of Asia’s first fully regulated Digital Stock Exchange remains well on track. According to Fusang’s official announcement, “FUSANG is excited to work with Level01 not only because its technology has been successful in production, but it has shown strong revenue growth and profitability.”

Level01’s Digital Equity Token (DET) will be the first DeFi platform to be publicly listed and traded on a licensed stock exchange, with its share capital structure entirely digitised on the blockchain. By listing on the Main Board of the FUSANG Exchange, the listing will be available to a global investor base, including retail investors.


  1. Digital Equity Token (DET) That Pays Up to 25% of Net Profits

    Innovation is crucial to facilitating growth, especially since the pace of business cycles continues to speed up. However, while companies understand the value of innovation, most other companies fall short on execution. Level01 is an exception. The company elevated its STO listing by providing institutional-grade technology and institutional-grade / regulated capital-raising mediums leveraging fundamental blockchain technology.

In addition, Level01 will offer Digital Equity Token (DET) LV1 to pay up to 25% of its net profits from fee income generated from its platform. The LV1 is listed on the Fusang Exchange on the Ethereum blockchain, supporting trading pairs in ETH, BTC, USDT and TUSD.

Investing in LV1 will give investors direct ownership of the Level01 platform, which carries all beneficial rights such as capital growth appreciation, equity upside, and dividend sharing in one of the fastest-growing platforms in the industry to date.

Level01’s move to digitise and list equity as security tokens to provide capital growth value to its investors is commendable, especially when most company-issued digital assets are disconnected from its actual capital growth, which is inequitable to investors.


  1. STO conducted on Asia’s First Fully Licensed Digital Stock Exchange

    Leading the STO is a stellar team consisting of Heritage Horizon Capital (Strategic Sponsor) supported by Digital FinTech Partner (AGDelta), Legal Advisor (GLT Law) and Audit Firms in Hong Kong and Malaysia (K.L Tong & Co and Yong & Leonard).

The STO will be conducted on Fusang Exchange, Asia’s first digital securities exchange, licensed in Labuan, Malaysia as a Securities Exchange under Part IX, Section 134 of the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act (LFSSA).


  1. Level01 defines value investing for the Blockchain industry

    There are many DeFi platforms, but Level01 has demonstrated the most significant share of discerning investors’ attention instead of the herd mentality of typical crypto investors who follow hype rather than fundamentals. The reasons are simple: game-changing technological breakthroughs with solid business fundamentals covering a vast market.

A bet on Level01 and its LVX token is a bet that will rise because it has solid fundamentals and IPs. Not like the typical pump based on hype but a steady climb as the business grows and expands worldwide.


Get the LVX token now to benefit from the coming STO:

You can swap them to the STO Digital Equity Token, LV1, once the STO is launched.

Please contact if you have any queries or want to place a pre-STO stake.